What is the value of DPL on adventure tourism

Team to the DPL-2009 (Photo: N. Sokolenko)


Recently, among friends, tourists are increasingly talking: “Youre going to AKP?”, “The team is ready to PSRam?”, “Tickets bought PSRy?”, “Gear gathered AKP?”


What is DPL?


Team for DPL 2009 (Photo: Natalia Sokolenko, personal archive)

If you kill the search engines DPL 2010 E will give a bunch of links. And everything just turns: AKP a search and rescue operation.


Thats already in the 21 times they have gone in the Greater Sochi from 22 to 28 March. This year the competition was awarded the status of the Russian Championship with a combined tourism, distance class 6. Participated team of 7 people (group A), 8 person (group B) and two people (Group P within it could pass the examinations for instructor training, this year was the first time). Reported position, press release and article participating teams.


But if you ask people, so-called “PSRschikov” What Is the AKP for them, you can hear many interesting stories and fables, a lot of memories funny and sad, funny and enlightening about myself, about other teams, the implemented features and unused points, the bonus and penalty points, the judges, and his Majestys case, but the least deciphering these “PSRov.”


So what is the AKP to one of the participating teams teams Kursk Sokolenko, said a group A:


“Each of the seven went to check themselves, their volitional and physical quality, technical training, the ability to control their emotions, their restraint in a stressful situation as a whole the cohesion of the team. We go for the win? Of course! We need to conquer your fears, overcome within themselves something that is accustomed in rest, sleep at night and live differently.


Team for DPL 2009 (Photo: Natalia Sokolenko, personal archive)
Team for DPL 2009 (Photo: Natalia Sokolenko, personal archive)

PJC is meeting old friends and acquisitions, and in this new do you even more confident than friends in the city, which seems to mark a couple of years


PJC is learning. This is a new experience that something is not forgotten, and in real time PE always work. This latest stages and methods brought home. Its a different way of thinking not the standard cliches, is the ability to get out of the precarious situation in simple ways And then when immersed in familiar hands when necessary to fulfill a task, and you “without anything” is possible then vidzhartovuyetsya proudly: “Yes its PSRovskiy approach ”


AKP a breath of fresh air amongst the usual urban life, which is looking forward to the competition, followed by weekly home waste, because at home its different: time flows much slower and people close completely different, who do not understand why you have the word “DPL” eyes light up and a photo of each of the events you can tell the extraordinary story


AKP a new attitude, this other values are other possibilities. Its just a different life. And tourists happy people, who have the opportunity to live like a few lives ”