What is Skeleton


Just do not think about those little men who flashed during a commercial break on television and offered to children new goodies. Here we will not know. Skeleton a sled and a sport. The essence of which is to walk down the winding icy hills lying on her stomach as soon as possible.

History of the skeleton is not very large. While sled was invented before Santa Claus, but they go down lying on his stomach so far rather McCormick invented in 1887. It happened on the Luge competition.

A new subspecies sled race called the “skeleton”. And all because the same sled, if they ask, resembled human skeleton.

Over time, the sled turned. So, for example, an Englishman made sled that would stand for two 22-millimeter runners.

Winter 1912 was created merged club hockey and skeleton in Germany, and soon began to be held open championships country of descent from the mountains to the skeleton. In the first competition of the sport took place not far from Riga. However, the First World War interrupted the development of long skeleton in Europe.

Skeleton competitions were included in the program II Olympics held in St. Moritz in 1928.

The first Olympic champion was Dzhennison Heaton (USA), and the silver went to his brother John Heaton.

I can not say that the skeleton uses the very popular, but after the Winter Olympics in the United States, the sport is, so to say, re-born.

Most interestingly, the steering of the sled is absent, so the athlete regulates all spikes on shoes. It would be appropriate to ask the question, how sled weigh? So, men 43 kg, and for women 35.

So imagine that you are “flying” downhill at a speed of 130 km per hour. How would you feel? From the Russian sportsmen and sportswomen, with such speed race only managed Catherine Mironova, during the World Cup in Lake Placid.


chto takoe skeleton 3 What is Skeleton

Skeleton a dangerous sport. He is considered one of the most extreme.

I would like to mention here a tragic accident that happened to the famous Latvian athlete Geert Ostenieksom. During the descent on the track was an iron “bob”, which nobody managed it is something of a sportsman and hit his head at a speed of 80 km per hour.

In 1982, the first World Cup downhill on the skeleton in St. Moritz, which was attended by athletes from 7 European countries.

In 1986 International School organized a skeleton training coaches and athletes in different countries. Special programs have been developed and established the Commission of the International Federation skeleton bobsleigh and skeleton.


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