What is a flash mob

Agreeing on the internet about the place and time mobery suddenly appearing on the streets and carry out their scripts Did you ever see on the streets sometimes large groups of young people doing something at the same time during an emergency? Most likely you are experiencing fleshmobberiv representatives of the popular trends of todays youth. Agreeing on the internet about the place and time mobery usually people unfamiliar with each other suddenly appearing on the streets and carry out their scripts, sometimes shocking bystander, breaking stereotypes crowd and making a new life in bright colors.

Flashmob is popular in all the cities of our country. In St. Petersburg, where I live, the heart of the city is the Palace Square. She is a venue for such actions. With recent events I can recall flash mob “kisser city” when the appointed time couples gathered at the Palace Square to simultaneously seal your feelings with a kiss, and “Day of hugs” the action to which many people came with a “hug me” . Members embraced each other and act all concerned and positively minded passers-by.

Also on the streets of St. Petersburg regularly fights pillows and shootouts with water pistols. Last summer, St. Petersburg witnessed a massive eating carrots, and in November was celebrating the New Year with all the attributes of the event.

All participants in such events always friendly set up and you are sure to get positive energy, both as a participant and as a spectator.

There is such a thing as a flashmob tourism when mobery come to other cities to join in the shares of associates.

There are certain rules to be followed by members of the flashmob:

– act must be clearly under pre-developed scenario

– not to laugh during the action-

– Be Punctual: come and go at a certain time-

– not discuss aloud mob before it starts and after-

– do not get advance details associated with event-

– carry identification,

– not to engage in conflict and not break the law.

Flashmob concept exists in advertising, when a group of people acting the script, draws attention to a particular brand. For example, a crowd of men enters the shop and begins to ask the sellers and buyers, where you can find some mayonnaise brands. Or a man wipes a protective layer lottery and his “friends” who are happy for his friend, thus attracting others to participate in the drawing. Still, there is a real flashmob event that does not set a receiving any addition to an original and positive way to spend free time.


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