What do tourist backpack

Lets start with the fact that the bags are different and tourists too. Various tourists from different backpacks walking to various campaigns. I apologize for the tautology, but it is to the reader drew attention to the subjectivity of the answers to the questions.

I, like experienced for his age tourist is picked up in the corner of a backpack. Therefore, I have no problem preparing for the expedition. I just check the availability of equipment, add what is needed in a particular campaign and in the way!

Ill start with the most comprehensive, serious and important watch-gear. Then, in descending order.

Easy gable tent, impregnated rain. It used to take a tent with awning but decided to try it without to reduce weight and volume.

Impregnation fully never replace real tent. In moderate rain or drizzle it copes with its task. In a medium strength rain tent walls on the inside are wet. As long downpour on the inside walls of the tent will begin stains. So the choice is yours, and I stopped for impregnation.

Rug penopoliuretanovyy. Popularly called crema. Thin pad with foil measuring approximately 1.5 x 2 meters. Just at the bottom of the tent.

Downy sleeping bag (Cocoon). It is designed for temperatures around zero degrees, but if you get into it in winter clothing, you can spend the night in the cold more than 20 degrees.

Soldierly cauldron with a lid. Quite a handy thing for 1-2 people. Mug stainless steel spoon.

Ax. About 30 cm, comfortable and lightweight.

Than the main thing in the campaign!

Mittens will serve to reduce the fire with a hot pot and so on.

Rope. Repshnur, six, a few meters. And the little bit of rope-zavyazochek.

2 lighters, dry fuel, candle-bowls and 2 box matches tightly packed.

Kit. It is not complete, but it helps in the most common situations. There are: aspirin, activated carbon, a bandage, cotton, alcohol and so on.

Map region and district compass.

Polyethylene cover from the rain. It is composed and glued on both sides so that the left rectangle about 21 meter.

The original dress. Tarpaulin anorak and trousers with lining antikomarnym (I will focus on it more), sweater, warm tights, wool socks and simple, nakomarnyk.

Antykomaryn podklad inner wear is made in a special way. It looks like a net thickness of about polusantimetra. A cell size so that it can safely push a finger. So it is not delaying the air and prevents outer clothing pressed to the body. If you put it on top of any even very thin and light clothing, mosquito if they wanted to be able to get to the skin.

Thats probably it. This equipment is sufficient except for summer hiking expedition. In all other cases, you must add the missing gear and clothing. But nevertheless, this is the minimum that is necessary in any campaign. We assume that you have learned “the secret tourist backpack.”