Parenting Advice for Addressing Problematic Behavior

When it comes to teaching children good self-discipline, it’s up to parents to come up with good examples. Most children are more concerned about what their parents are going to do about their behavior, not what they’re going to say about it. Here is some good parenting advice to help improve your parenting style and address a child’s problematic behavior.

Don’t threaten or give too many warnings:
Idle threats only teach children how far they can test the limits. For example, if you are always saying “I don’t want to catch you doing that one more time!” or “If I have to come up there and tell you to stop throwing toys one more time, then you’re going to be in big trouble!” All these idle threats only let your child know that they can keep doing what they’re doing a few more times until the real problem is addressed later. Good parenting advice teaches parents to correct the bad behavior as soon as it occurs. If the problem is addressed immediately, then the child knows that they cannot get away with what they’re doing at that moment.

Choose your battles wisely:
Parenting advice teaches you that not everything your child does needs to be corrected 24/7. Give them a break once in awhile. Learning to categorize your child’s behavior can help you determine the severity of their misbehavior and allow you to address the most important problems. This will let the child know which behaviors are acceptable and which ones aren’t. Always use positive encouragement to correct any battles and give consequences that actually fit the crime.

Stay Calm:
Children are very good at observing what we do, not what we say. A great parenting advice tip is to teach your child to stay calm. If your child is too emotional to talk or listen, then refrain from speaking too much. Even when things are getting out of control, stay calm and speak matter-of-factly. Give instructions to the point and don’t let their emotional behavior influence you to become emotional.

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