Medical Marijuana: Can a bad guy become good?

Medical cannabis or medical marijuana is used as a treatment option for many conditions. More in the areas of pain-reduction, medical marijuana is a potential medical alternative. Opium derivatives are not shown to display efficacy in alleviating painful conditions, than cannabis. Side effects of certain health conditions make nerves of the peripheral nervous system to rupture. Peripheral nervous system nerve ruptures are painful. They don’t necessarily respond to analgesics that are opium-based.

Research suggests that medical cannabis or medical marijuana is effective in terminally ill cancer patients. Such patients suffer a lot due to the pain. Remedies to reduce their pain are more hard-hitting, though they might give a temporary relief. Medical marijuana is said to provide good pain relieving properties to provide relief in these cases.

Doctors from around the world believe medical marijuana or medical cannabis is only the last resort, and never a first option. They also feel it is efficient in very rare scenarios. Most of the bad image that marijuana has created, have led doctors to think on these lines. With the U.S. government coming down heavily on narcotics trafficking, marijuana’s good aspects have been overshadowed by its bad aspects.

Even when medical marijuana specialists are hoping to get more signers for the treatment, people still have not shed the thought that marijuana is addictive. Myth or mythology, bad news spreads faster, and has created an indelible bad mark on marijuana. This is the biggest impediment for the growth of the medical marijuana treatment practice.
Doctors who specialize in medical marijuana have demonstrated that it can be used in conditions like nausea, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, and even HIV. Marijuana vapors are demonstrated to alleviate nausea conditions. Cancer patients frequently feel pangs of nausea while undergoing chemotherapy.

Glaucoma is caused by intraocular pressure. People with glaucoma have experienced decreased pressure in their eyes with a moderated use of marijuana. Medicinal cannabis is also used to alleviate the pain that AIDS or HIV patients feel. Doctors feel that the best way to take marijuana is to intake it in the vaporized form, which is presumable a safer option.

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