How to put a child on the lessons at the end of the school year

(Photo: Kamira, Shutterstock)


Spring! Spring! How quickly time is ticking! Recently had severe frosts, outside and nose vysolopysh, but already in April is coming to an end, there is the approximation of the summer: the sun shines brighter (up to tears), and not just shine, but was hot and pretty. Just what appeared grass straighten ray of reach for soon the entire lawn in the backyard is green green!

And primroses zhovtenki head mother and stepmother scattered along the tracks, as sunbeams. See them unwittingly posmihneshsya. Similar to cute freckles that are poured on the face of my son. Buds on trees nabuhly already and leaves proklyunulysya. And the birds are singing for fun for all voices to the delight of us probably tired silent during the winter.

In the morning rays of the sun all awake, do not give luxuriate in bed, even on weekends. Happy no such sweltering heat in the summer. And that evening amazing! Quiet, low pressure. And the air? Feel like “smell the spring?”

And heres how to tell me when all this krasotischa to put their minor child for lessons, get bored with doing homework for the year, write carefully “doodle” solve examples cram verses (there by the end of the year a lot of the book is located)? Even after more than a month to learn! On the one hand, the Moon is small (ever bad tags correct), on the other hand every child wants “to free will” finish the school year, go to the next class, do so-called “their own thing”.

Ill try to give some tips on how to put a child at lessons is not to the detriment of their interests and health (same third-mom and am suffering in this regard).

1. Every Child a useful small trucks, respite after school. Have run a couple of hours in the yard, switch to another activity.

2. After this running around you need to eat well, and along calm down a bit.

3. Start making lessons more challenging tasks, from those which require a large expenditure of time and effort.

4. It is usually performed first writing assignments, and oral.

5. If the teacher asked some advance better prepare small pieces. For example, it is easier to teach poetry paragraphs several days and repeated at bedtime.

6. Distribute the load evenly as possible. Thus, given a week in advance can be done in a weekend if you know about it.

7. The child enough strength and energy the whole thing “digest”, do not forget about vitamins: fruits, greens, vegetables. Offer to its salads, ball juice, jelly, juices.

8. To a certain mood, check out school supplies (buy a couple of new handles, wrap pretty shabby blog), because the new pen and written smoother, more beautiful.

And more. Help children, support them morally, in short, if something happened, if brought “not the mark.” Because we love them for not even writing, but for what they are. With their cheerful eyes, snub their noses by persistent freckles! Without them spring not spring, and April not April. And as if the birds do not chirp.