How to navigate without a compass moon and stars local objects

Try sooryentyrovatsya

We have already mentioned how to navigate by the sun. But at night the sun is not visible. But, in clear weather, clearly visible stars and the moon. They too are our helpers.

Always exactly the north is the North Star. How to find it? Look Big Dipper clearly visible. Conducted through two extreme stars bucket straight line and wait for it 5 distances between the stars. At the end of the last segment we see a bright star. This is the Arctic. It is crowned by the bucket handle Ursa Minor.

Per month during the full moon cardinal determined in the same way as in the Sun. If the Moon is coming or decreases will have little trouble. We divide the radius of the planet into 6 parts and determine what part is visible crescent. This value subtracted from the value of the time on the clock when the moon is young, or make up with him if months old. The resulting figure is used instead of evidence-clockwise to focus on night lights and determine the parts, as in the case of the full Moon. To avoid confusion, remember the old moon resembles the letter C, so it is necessary to summarize the evidence of hours and the number of parts sickle. In another case a difference.


kak orientirovatsja bez kompasa luna zvezdy i 6 How to navigate without a compass moon and stars local objects

Example? Please. Time 3:00 30 minutes. The visible part of the disk of the moon across about half of the radius, or 3 six parts. Since the moon decreases or old, 3-30 summarize 3, we get 6-30. Sends the number 6 on the clock face on the moon. The angle between the numbers 6 and 1 divide in half and get the direction to the south.

In cloudy weather the heavenly bodies will help us, they are not visible. But here the wise nature will not leave us alone, and offer a number of tips. However, the method of determining the parts to local features is not as accurate, but the combination of several signs give us more or less the right direction.

Many symptoms are caused by a local objects with respect to the Sun. Mosses and lichens on the bark of trees, large rocks, cliffs, old wooden buildings are focused primarily on the north side. If moss growing around the trunk of the tree, at the north side of it anymore, especially at the root.

The bark of the trees on the north side is usually coarser and darker than the southern. This is particularly evident on the beach. In the hot season on the trunks of deciduous trees allocated more resin on the south side.

Spring on the northern edge of the forest glades grass thicker than in the south. Some individual trees, poles, large stones, grass grows thick on the south side. Anthills are generally located south of the nearest trees and stumps, the southern side of their less steep than the northern. Snow likely pidtaye on the southern slopes, resulting pidtavannya snow formed Shcherbiny spikes designed to yuhy.

In the area there are other grounds on which it is possible to identify areas on the sides of the horizon, for example, the prevailing winds in the area, if it is known their direction.