Food Truck Sales Increase In India

Food truck businesses are really starting to catch on.

After all, they are popping up all across America, and to be more exact … the world.

Case in point: Food trucks are now a thing — and a rather big thing — in India.

According to, the first-ever food truck park has finally arrived in India!

Clearly, food trailers are sprouting up all over the world!

What does this mean? It simply means people will now be able to travel to a park, if you will, and try out an overwhelming amount of food trucks. It also allows food truck owners to travel to an area in which plenty of foot traffic is expected, which is huge for business

It’s a win-win, really. The people of India have another great option when it comes to food, and mobile kitchen owners can continue to grow their businesses and reach a large amount of people.

We know you are intrigued, so here are some more highlights from the article:

  • “And now, India does have one! Yes, it is in Mumbai of course. The Mumbai Food Truck Park has just been opened in Bandra’s Pali Hill area.”
  • “The park boasts of a space worth 5,000 sq ft, and can house 10-12 food trucks at the same time. From Punjabi cuisine to Lebanese dishes, this park will house food trucks serving everything your palate can crave!”
  • “Current food trucks at the park are Hungry JD’s, Mumbai Fusion, Pettoos, The Waffle Truck, Scoopalicious, and many others. The food truck park will stay open all-year through, from 12pm to 10pm.”

Whether you are a foodie or an aspiring food truck owner, this should be music to your ears.

Food truck parks are great for so many different reasons. First and foremost, they allow a food truck owner to reach a great deal of people at once, and get his/her name/brand out there in the process. These parks also provide people with plenty of options in the food department — and all in one place!

Not only that, but food truck parks tend to be great communities that are filled with even better people, which is what the food truck industry is all about. Needless to say, this is a huge blessing for India — and the folks who love their food!

It remains to be seen how big the food truck scene will become in India, but if this food truck park is any indication, then food truckers are going to take over in a big way!

No longer do you have to go to a sit-down restaurant to get a high-quality meal. Now more than ever, that is not the case, thanks to mobile kitchens. The best part? Not only is the food typically flooding with quality and flavor but it also tends to take less time to cook than a sit-down restaurant.

There are so many reasons why food trucks are thriving, and India is getting a full dose of that right now!