E-mamta: Mother-child Tracking System in India

E-mamta is a novel initiative in India to track a mother’s health during her pregnancy. By doing so, infant mortality rates are controlled. Child health is very dependent on the health of the mother. Realizing this, the Gujarat government implemented the E-mamta initiative. Gujarat is a progressive state in India.

Looking after the mother during pregnancy is an underestimated aspect. When the new-born child loses the mother, it is like losing a primary custodian of child health. A women’s death during pregnancy is not just a personal loss, but also a national loss. Dying during pregnancy should be avoided. Technology has now been advanced to stop this.

Research has suggested that by increasing the access to healthcare, women can have better healthcare during pregnancy. E-mamta established a comprehensive health database of all members of a family. It covers all areas, including urban, rural, and sub-urban areas. It is apparent, that even slums are covered by e-mamta. Slums are places with the highest mother-child mortality rates. Child and mother health is always very low in the slums.

Families are provided with login Ids, to access the database. The database contains certain norms that have to be complied with. Mothers are alerted about this when they access the database. Even SMS alerts are configured by E-mamta to be delivered to families that have relocated. National information centre officials and other beneficiaries of the system are education on how to use the system through workshops.

E-mamta is a comprehensive mother-child health tracking system. Through this, regular health checkups of pregnant women can be done. Child health is better, through better delivery of immunization and vaccine programmes. E-mamta also assists in family planning.

Maternity mortality rates and infant mortality rates are low due to this system. Better supply of vaccines for child health and mother health can be effected due to the presence of a tracking system. The government can benefit from such a system immensely. By getting a database analytics system in place, better dispensation of child health and maternity health initiatives can be undertaken. Through e-mamta, realistic targets can be set, and the same achieved.

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