Combining Nature and Medicine – Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is also called naturopathy or nature cure. It is a form of alternative health medicine. Using naturally prepared health medicine products, it cures bodily ailments. Imbibing more of a holistic principle, rather than a short term reactive one, natural medicine is a slow healer. No allopathic medicines are used in natural medicine or naturopathy.

In India, naturopathy is bid in consumption and conviction. People prefer naturally formulated health medicines to chemically prepared ones. This is because India was an agrarian economy, and has a strong knowledge base in natural herbs and plants.
Nature healing has been around for centuries, although it might have come into the limelight again now. Ancient Indian manuscripts deal extensively with natural health medicine.
Nature force is a blend of different planes, the spiritual plane, the mental plane, and the bodily plane. Naturopathy health medicine is directed to deal with all these planes, and hence it is considered to enhance the vital force of the body.

Unlike mainstream treatment approaches that directly attack the situation, natural health medicine attacks the root of the health problem. This means that a combination of factors is responsible for any health condition. Lifestyle issues, mental health, and habits all come under the scanner of natural health medicine.

Natural medicine subcategorizes into complementary medicine, traditional medicine and alternative medicine. Natural health medicines are in great demand in developed countries. Natural health medicines are known to be efficient, safe, and with absolutely no side effects.

Increasing herbal health medicine formulations, prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to come out with an assessment framework in 1991. Natural medicines are allowed to be used in developed countries if there is documented evidence on its accuracy and efficacy. Also, the kind of plants used in natural health medicine is also taken into consideration. Plants should have grown in a natural environment free from pesticides and fertilizers. WHO stipulates lots of documented evidence and research-based empirical assessments on the safety of natural health medicines.

If health medicine manufacturers comply with these conditions, they get an entry into the developed countries, where they can market natural health medicine products.

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