Children with Autism Disabilities

Autism represents a large group of learning disabilities that are characterized by non verbal communication problems, weak social interactions, severely limited interests and activities, and repetitive behaviors. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed developmental disabilities in children today. Most symptoms of autism appear before the child turns 3 years old. Interestingly enough, autism is three times more common in boys than girls.

Three distinctive characteristics are present in children with autism disabilities; difficulty with social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication problems, and obsessive and repetitive interests. These three characteristic autism disabilities can be moderate to severe and debilitating. In about 75% of autism cases, the child is mentally retarded and has a hard time communicating and bonding with their parents or other family figures.

Symptoms of Autism in Children:
Symptoms of autism can generally be observed in early childhood. There are a wide variety of symptoms and signs, and the child can exhibit a mixture of these types of behaviors, from mild to severe. The following are a list of autism symptoms:

• Problems with using and understanding verbal languages
• Poor non verbal communication, such as facial expressions and gestures
• Shows a lack in willingness to participate in conversation
• Unable to make friends and prefers playing alone
• Difficulty relating to others or their surroundings
• Lacks the capability of imagining
• Insists upon following a specific regular routine
• Repetitive movements or patterns, such as rocking, hand clapping, or spinning

If such symptoms are observed, it’s important to take the child to an autism specialist so they can perform standardized testing and clinical evaluations. Currently, there is no cure for autism. However, there are autism treatments, special therapies, and behavior modifications that can improve the child’s symptoms. Autism disabilities can sometimes overwhelm parents, but there are a variety of behavior modification treatments and therapies that can bring about considerable improvement.

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