What is the value of DPL on adventure tourism

  Team to the DPL-2009 (Photo: N. Sokolenko)   Recently, among friends, tourists are increasingly talking: “Youre going to AKP?”, “The team is ready to PSRam?”, “Tickets bought PSRy?”, “Gear gathered AKP?”   What is DPL?   Team for DPL 2009 (Photo: Natalia Sokolenko, personal archive) If you kill the search engines DPL 2010 E […]

What a wonderful holiday in Zylyma

        R.Zilim. Photo: Andrey Savelyev, www.myvista.ru   In late summer Zilim oddly poetic. Soft, light, romantic autumn in the Southern Ural River neighborhood makes decent painter. Right tributary of the Belaya River a popular place for tourists and travelers in Bashkortostan. Athletes usually fused to Zylyma spring, during the great water. These […]

What is Skeleton

  Just do not think about those little men who flashed during a commercial break on television and offered to children new goodies. Here we will not know. Skeleton a sled and a sport. The essence of which is to walk down the winding icy hills lying on her stomach as soon as possible.   […]

What is a flash mob

    Agreeing on the internet about the place and time mobery suddenly appearing on the streets and carry out their scripts Did you ever see on the streets sometimes large groups of young people doing something at the same time during an emergency? Most likely you are experiencing fleshmobberiv representatives of the popular trends […]

What do tourist backpack

    Lets start with the fact that the bags are different and tourists too. Various tourists from different backpacks walking to various campaigns. I apologize for the tautology, but it is to the reader drew attention to the subjectivity of the answers to the questions.   I, like experienced for his age tourist is […]