Are Your Children Out of Control? Effective Parenting Advice

Watching TV may give the impression that parents are struggling when it comes to effectively disciplining their out of control children. Just take a look at shows like Nanny 911 or Supernanny. Moms and dads are featured as completely overwhelmed and desperately struggling to get their children under control. Enforcing effective parenting advice can go a long way to help get your kids under control.

Many parents think that if they just ignore the bad behavior, then it will just go away on its own. Have you ever noticed a child in a restaurant throwing an absolute fit, while his parents ignore him and continue on eating? Ignoring problematic behavior is the fastest way for the child to recognize that he or she can get away with doing whatever they’re doing. It seems as if parents are afraid to discipline their children. Parenting advice tip: if a child always gets their way, then they will never learn how to deal with frustration or disappointment.

The price kids pay if they don’t receive effective discipline is enormous. They will be disliked by their teachers, other parents, peers, and even strangers if their bad behavior is not addressed and corrected. A good parenting advice tip is to quickly restore order within the house. Children benefit from parents who provide consistency, structure, and discipline. They know what to expect and what behaviors will not be tolerated.

Supernanny has another great parenting advice tip: when the child is being naughty, then use a disciplinary action such as a “naughty chair” or “naughty step”. Explain to the child why they have to go to the naughty chair or step and keep them there for a few minutes so that the child can think about why their behavior was bad. After the few minutes are up, go over and ask them to apologize to you for being naughty. If they refuse to apologize, then their time starts again.

Trying out various parenting advice tips from other parents or teachers can help as well. Get tips from other parents to help you enforce structure within your home.

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