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What is the value of DPL on adventure tourism

  Team to the DPL-2009 (Photo: N. Sokolenko)   Recently, among friends, tourists are increasingly talking: “Youre going to AKP?”, “The team is ready to PSRam?”, “Tickets bought PSRy?”, “Gear gathered AKP?”   What is DPL?   Team for DPL 2009 (Photo: Natalia Sokolenko, personal archive) If you kill the search engines DPL 2010 E […]

What a wonderful holiday in Zylyma

        R.Zilim. Photo: Andrey Savelyev,   In late summer Zilim oddly poetic. Soft, light, romantic autumn in the Southern Ural River neighborhood makes decent painter. Right tributary of the Belaya River a popular place for tourists and travelers in Bashkortostan. Athletes usually fused to Zylyma spring, during the great water. These […]